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We provide   Cost-Effective Recommendations
We suggest   Alternative Earthwork Procedures
We deliver   Responsive Remedial Measures
We perform   Accurate Assessment of Site Conditions
We evaluate   Calculated Risk

See's saved clients time and money by extensive practical experience and advanced technical knowledge

We have shown that a complete and detailed geotechnical investigation is the basis for cost savings in foundation design, site preparation, and building construction. SEE's has been requested by owners and design consultants to review many reports prepared by others. After re-evaluating the site information and design parameters, SEE's has provided alternative solutions with documented savings on many projects. We are dedicated to providing quality reports that reflect accurate site soil conditions and specific project design criteria, not overly conservative recommendations based on insufficient data or inaccurate analysis.

SEE'S personnel have extensive experience in performing geotechnical investigations for a variety of large and small projects for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. Projects have included various different structures and facilities in various soil conditions. Our personnel are trained in field engineering such as soil and rock sampling, and logging of soil profiles; office engineering including log review, laboratory soil testing, engineering analyses, and report preparation; and construction observation including pier drilling observation, footing excavation observation, and earthwork observation.

Services provided by SEE'S include:
Soil investigation
Earthquake engineering
Foundation engineering
Retaining structure analyses
Slope stability analyses
Soil stabilization design
Pavement design
Site improvement methods

We provide   Accurate Assessment of Problems
We strive   Specific Determination of Causes
We suggest   Practical Remedial Solutions

Broad practical experience and in-depth technical knowledge are the basis for effective forensic study. SEE'S personnel have extensive experience in soil and foundation related problems, practical knowledge in various construction materials, and strong academic training in structural analysis. We particularly have extensive experience in performing forensic engineering studies for insurance claims.

Projects have included differential movements of expansive soil, settlement of collapsible soil and loose backfill, cracking and tilting of structural elements, moisture problems in floor, cracking in concrete slabs, landslide, drainage problems, hillside developments, distress of pavements, distress of swimming pools, and foundation related earthquake damage.

Our personnel are trained in soil exploration, soil profile logging, field soil classification, construction material trouble shooting, elevation survey, structural system review, site history review, and engineering analyses.


SEE'S personnel have experience explicit to real estate considerations including preliminary environmental assessments for lending institutions, insurance companies, real estate companies, banks, and industrial clients. Our personnel are trained in aerial photo review, regulatory records search, site reconnaissance, site history review, and report preparation. Projects included agricultural lands, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.


SEE'S personnel have extensive experience in performing construction testing and inspection for a variety of large and small projects for residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. SEE'S field services include earthwork observation, footing excavation observation, field density testing, inspection of reinforcing steel placement, observation of concrete placement, concrete field sampling and testing, and concrete batch plant inspection.